Review: Woodwick Candles

Friday, 24 May 2013

About a month ago I was thinking of what to ask for for my birthday, which as you get older becomes an increasingly difficult decision. I have always been a lover of candles but I'd never really splashed out on them before, so I figured why not? It was my birthday after all. With this, I embarked on a search for the perfect candles; something that smells great, looks good and won't burn too big of a hole in anyone's pocket (in this case, my mum's). After spending a few evenings looking online I was losing hope. I had no idea how the candles would smell, whether they would be worth the money, which brands were best, so I put a post up on Tumblr asking if anyone had any recommendations, and someone kindly suggested I check out Woodwick Candles.
I had a look on Youtube and Blogger for reviews of Woodwick candles and after reading positive review after positive review, I decided to take a gamble and order two of their 'petites', despite not knowing how they would smell.

So what's special about Woodwick?
First off, the candles are made with soy wax rather than paraffin wax, which has many benefits such as:
  • Clean burning (ie no black smoke or soot on the inside of the jar)
  • The wax comes from a renewable source (soybeans)
  • It's biodegradable
  • Long burn time
  • Better fragrance
Secondly, the wicks are made from wood, hence the brand name. As well as increasing burn time, wooden wicks also crackle when they burn, much like an open fire. I find the sound really comforting, and when I have a candle burning in the background the sound almost reminds me of rain on a window.
I was a little worried that the candles would be too noisy, but the crackling is nowhere near as loud as I expected.

I decided to order 'Linen' and 'At The Beach' (pictured above) as these were the smells which appealed to me the most, and they are both lovely.
Linen is exactly what you would imagine: fresh, delicate, breezy, and very much like fresh linen.
At The Beach is described on Woodwick's website (click here) as the scent of "tropical citrus, creamy coconut and cool sea breezes", and although I wasn't quite sure how I expected this one to smell, it didn't disappoint. The scent is quite difficult to describe, but it is fresh and slightly sweet, with undertones of coconut, and the citrus notes are very subtle, so the smell is well balanced and not at all overwhelming.

Both candles have a good throw and they fill my room with beautiful smells very quickly, and the strength is just right; not so much that you feel choked, but enough that you're aware of it.
I've had the candles for around three weeks now and having alternated between the two most nights, they're lasting well (I have about one quarter of my At The Beach candle left and about a third of the Linen candle).

I am so in love with these candles and I will definitely be purchasing larger ones when I have some spare money (they come in 10oz (£15.50) or 22oz (£21.99) jars).
I visited a candle shop whilst in Southampton a few weeks ago which happened to stock some of the Woodwick range, and I discovered Dew Drops, which is the most refreshing and wonderful scent, so I might opt for the 10oz, or maybe even the 22oz, version of that.

If there's a shop near you that sells Woodwick candles I would definitely suggest popping in and having a smell. If not, I would say have a look on Woodwick's website and take a look at their full range and ordering whichever ones you like the sound of, and if you're really uncertain have a look online for reviews of different scents before ordering. Having smelt the two candles I ordered and the ones in the shop in Southampton I can honestly say the smells fit their names and descriptions, and I've yet to find or hear of one that smells bad. Their delivery service is also really quick and the candles arrived in perfect condition.
I would recommend these candles to anybody because they smell so so good and the value for money is fantastic (the 10oz candles have 100 hours of burn time and the 22oz have 180 hours of burn time!).

If anyone decides to try them out then feel free to let me know what you think!


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