Sicily #11

Monday, 28 July 2014

Our flight back to Gatwick was at eleven in the morning, so we had to be up and out relatively early in order to get to the airport in plenty of time. Thanks to a LonelyPlanet article I'd found before we went away, I knew that we could catch an AMT Alibus from the bus station to the airport, so we looked up the timetable the night before and decided that we would catch the 8:30, which would get us to the airport just over two hours before the flight.

We had one last breakfast in the hostel, and after we'd put the last few bits into our bags we said goodbye to our beautiful room and walked out to reception to give our keys back and check out. With fifteen minutes to walk to the bus station (which is usually a five minute walk), we were a little tight on time but we had enough. But, when we got to reception, we were asked if we'd stripped the bed... Well, no. Before we went back to strip it, we asked what time the next bus to the airport would be just to double check that we had enough time, and according to the timetable they keep in the desk the next one was at twenty past... In five minutes.

We ran back to the room and I swear I've never stripped a bed so quickly in my life. We then power-walked down to the bus station, and thankfully the bus wasn't there yet. We went into the AMT hut and picked up two tickets to the airport for only €1 each. We then waited for the bus to pull into the station, and after all that it didn't arrive at the station until 8:30 anyway.

After a twenty minute journey we got to airport and checked in really quickly, and after a little browse around the duty-free shop, we found a little café and sat with some coffee and a crossword book (I swear we're closer to eighty than eighteen sometimes) to pass the time before our flight home.

Considering we were only there for ten days, our little break to Italy actually went quite slowly and felt like a lot longer. We managed to do all of the things we wanted to do, and there was a lovely mix of relaxing beach days, city days and one incredible adventure day.

Hopefully we'll be able to set off on another adventure soon, and of course when we do I'll be sure to write about it on here! I hope you've enjoyed reading about what we got up to, and I hope I've perhaps inspired you to do a little travelling of your own.



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