Sicily #6

Friday, 18 July 2014

Day six in Sicily was another beach day for us. We did consider going to a different beach, but since we loved our little spot of heaven in Syracuse so much we decided to go there again, so we did what we did before and caught the Interbus at half eight in the morning.

This beach day was a lot like the first – lounging around on a sun bed, listening to smooth jazz, sipping on iced tea, dipping into the sea every couple of hours and enjoying the wonderful sense of freedom that comes with being on holiday. That being said, we did stay quite a bit later that evening, and we caught the bus back to Catania at seven, which got us back at about half eight, and on the way back we had the most wonderful view of Mount Etna as the sun was starting to set, casting a beautiful purple glow across the sky and the mountain.

Once we'd showered and washed all the sand from our feet, we went out to find something for dinner. We were rather hungry, so we chose somewhere very close to the apartment – a pizzeria called 'Mama Pizza'. 'Mama Pizza' is a small place with tables out in the street where locals sit and enjoy their pizzas whilst laughing and chatting amongst themselves. Since we hadn't brought out much money we decided to share a pizza, but that didn't mean scrimping on portion size, oh no. We ended up ordering a 'maxi' pizza with each half topped differently (the joys of being a half-veggie couple), and I kid you not, the diameter of this thing was the length of the boy's forearm, from elbow to knuckle. Even then, it was only €8, and we even had a free can of Sprite thrown in.

We sat on one of the tables outside while we waited for our pizza, enjoying the evening breeze. We then took it back to the apartment and sat on the sofa, chowing down on this enormous pizza. It was a challenge, but we were undefeated, and we went to bed with possibly the biggest food babies we've ever had.

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