Follow your passions

Monday, 3 November 2014

Many of us feel more comfortable in our actions, decisions or beliefs when we share them with others. Whether we're taking a trip somewhere, starting a project, taking a certain moral or religious stance, or making a change in our lives, we often feel more confident and secure when someone else is already doing the same thing.

Most of the time it's fine to take comfort in sharing scary steps with others, but sometimes we become overly dependent on this 'back up' and we can end up shying away from the things we really want when we lack it, or even worse, we end up simply going along with what everyone else is doing because it's 'safe'. We follow the crowd, follow in the footsteps of others and give up on our own dreams because we're scared of doing something different or doing something alone, but we weren't put on this earth to lead that kind of life. Oh no, we were put here, you were put here, and given this life so that you could experience all that the world has to offer. Every one of us is an individual, with individual wants and desires, and it's a very sad thing when we overlook those because they're different to everyone else's.

If you've found something which ignites your passion, which sets something inside you on fire and leaves you burning like the sun, go after it.

Even if you're the only person you know who wants it, even if everyone else is doing something completely different, go after the things you want, because we we're not here to simply spend our days living someone else's dream and ignoring the things that really inspire us, motivate us, and move us. 

This is your life, these are your passions, and you have the power to fill your life with all of the beautiful, exciting and wonderful things that get your pulse racing and make you feel alive.

You want to travel? Travel.

You want to go for your dream job? Go for it.

You want to study? Study.

You want to take up dance classes? Do it.

You want to start a business? Then start.

Whatever it is that makes you feel like you could lead the most vibrant, full and magnificent life, never ever hold back on it.

Follow your passions.



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