A little update

Sunday, 7 December 2014

I've been a little MIA from blogging lately, mostly due to working a little more than usual (Christmas in retail = lots of hours) and working on my uni application (which has been sent off now - eek!), but also due to feeling the need to take a little break and reassess where I ultimately want to take this site and the sort of space I want to create.

During my little quiet period, I realised the first thing I'd like to improve is my content. I still want to write the sort of posts I usually write, reflecting on our actions, moods and feelings and the ways we live our lives, but I'd also quite like to start doing a few more lifestyle posts, sharing healthy recipes, the places I go and the things I get up to. Following on from that, I also want to start working on the visual side of my blog more, taking photographs for posts again and designing my own quote images rather than using ones from Pinterest. I want to pour my heart into this space and create content that is purely my own, and be really proud of every single thing I upload.

This is going to be a work in progress, and it may take me a while to find my feet and get things up to a standard I'm happy with, but I hope you guys will stick with me and continue reading and commenting. In fact, I would love it if you guys would comment and let me know what you make of the changes as they happen - tell me what you like, areas I could improve, and the sort of things you'd like to see more of - this blog is as much about what you enjoy seeing and reading as what I want to publish, and if there's anything I can do that will make this blog better for you, don't hesitate to let me know.

The second part of this renewal is the sort of space I want 'Namaste, Rowan' to be. I want this to be a place where you, the readers, can find common ground, inspiration, motivation, perspective, and new ideas, and I want it to be a place we can connect. By that, I mean I want it to be a place where not only you and I can connect, but also where you guys can connect with each other. I want it to be a place we can all share our ideas, our thoughts, our viewpoints, and through that open up discussions and conversations about the things that interest us the most. I want it to be somewhere we can inspire each other and open each other's eyes, and start working towards leading more balanced, healthy and positive lives.

This is my little corner of the internet, and this is what I want it to be - and I invite you to be a part of it.



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