Weekly roundup #3

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Oh Sunday, you really are my favourite day of the week. There's something so peaceful and refreshing about Sundays, don't you think? (Depending on how you spend them, of course!) This week has been a bit of a quiet one so there's not much to report, but nonetheless here are the highlights!


:: Enjoying a super simple dinner with Nick on Wednesday evening. He was working late on a uni assignment while I was feeling quite tired and wasn't up for making anything particularly extravagant, so we decided to make a really simple, fuss-free dinner of regular and sweet potato wedges, half with garlic and black pepper and the rest with barbecue fajita seasoning. We each had a huge bowlful, and it was just the comfort food we needed.

:: Finally trying out Headspace! I've heard Headspace mentioned by numerous bloggers and vloggers and have been meaning to try it out for a while, and last night I finally fired up my Kindle and downloaded it. When you download the app you are given access to 'Take 10', which is their free ten-day meditation programme, in which you do a simple, guided ten minute meditation each day, with the intention of learning the basics of meditation and mindfulness. It was just the relaxation I needed before bed, and I'm looking forward to seeing what day two holds tonight.


:: Almond butter! For a long time now I've been a peanut butter lover, but I recently decided to switch things up a bit and try almond butter, and I am in love. Much lighter than peanut butter and with a milder, sweeter taste, it's the perfect addition to my morning smoothies, or even better for dipping dates in (which, if you've never tried I suggest you do ASAP, unless you have allergies of course!).

:: Lush's Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask. Every time I find myself with five empty black Lush pots, Catastrophe Cosmetic is always the mask I go for (if you didn't already know, if you bring back five  (clean!) empty black pots to Lush, you can pick up one of their fresh face masks for free). Full of blueberries, calamine powder, rose, chamomile and Irish moss gel, this mask is soothing, anti-oxidising, cooling, and moisturising, making it ideal for skin that is feeling a little sensitive or aggravated.

:: Game of Thrones. I'm aware that I am very late to the game on this one, but not having the luxury of Sky I never really had the chance to watch it before. But, thanks to the boyfriend's Sky Go account, I'm finally getting stuck in ahead of the new series starting next month. I'm only a couple of episodes into the first season at the moment, but after watching 'Game of Thrones: The Story So Far' last week, I at least have some idea of what's to come.


:: Faith's post on neutral nail polishes for Spring. Since my wardrobe is predominantly black (and shows no signs of changing) I like to introduce lighter hues into my outfits in subtle ways, such as a light-coloured t-shirt or a pale polish, and  I loved Faith's picks; still bright enough for the new season, but not the typical shades of lilac or pastel pink (perfect for someone who rarely wears colour!).

:: I really enjoyed reading Tania's Weekend Beauty Bag post. Aside from sharing some of the products that made it into her bag for a weekend away (all of which I want to try), she also talked a little about French beauty and wellbeing philosophies, which is something I think a lot of us want to learn more about and even adopt. The typical French philosophy is that quality and moderation are key, and it can be applied to anything from skincare and makeup, to the clothes you buy and wear, to the food you eat. It's so simple, makes a lot of sense, and conjures up a sense of delicacy, balance and grace, which is a lot of what I aspire to. (On a side note, how lovely are the photos in this post? And how dreamy is that bathroom?!)

:: I found Anuschka's post on why she doesn't believe in dressing for her body type really refreshing, although initially a little heartbreaking. Reading about how Anuschka overheard some very young girls on the train discussing which items and styles of clothing they 'have' to wear because of their body shape broke my heart. Aside from the fact that at that age, most girls are far from fully developed and don't usually have much of a 'shape' yet, at that age you shouldn't even care what shape you may or may not be and what you should or shouldn't be wearing. At that age, I wore flared jeans with skirts and leg warmers over my trainers, and the least of my concerns was what was most 'flattering' for my shape; all I cared about was what I liked and what I felt good in, and I don't think this is something that should ever be lost, no matter how our society develops. So, it was refreshing to read that Anuschka, even as someone who blogs predominantly about fashion, doesn't identify with the body types we all know so well, and believes wholeheartedly in dressing in what you like and what makes you feel good, regardless of what seemingly every magazine website is telling you you should be wearing.

:: This Copper & Wood Shelf DIY on Treasures & Travels. I am all for the copper trend which has been filling everyone's Instagram and Pinterest feeds for quite some time now, and I am completely in love with this DIY shelving unit. It looks so clean and modern, and looks more like something you might find in a boutique homewares store than something you can make yourself! I love how subtle the copper accents are, and I may have to make my own when we move into our new house later in the year.

What have the highlights of your week been?



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