Weekly roundup #6

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Hello loves, and welcome to another Weekly Roundup. This week has been a fairly quiet one but there has been me-time aplenty, so I have lots of lovely highlights to share with you.


:: As I mentioned, there has been lots of me-time this week, and it's been so lovely having the freedom to just take some time out and spend it however you please, be that by going out or staying in, by being productive or by being lazy. This week it's been all about alternating between afternoons in town perusing the shops and days at home in comfy clothes, sticking Friends on the TV and being on the whole fairly unproductive, bar the odd load of laundry. How do you like to spend your me-time?

:: The weather has been somewhat colder this week, and although for once I had actually been enjoying the sunshine, the chance to bundle up in a scarf and cosy up in a coffee shop is always welcome. I've been trying to visit independent places more than chains recently, and I have to say it's been by far for the better. The coffee may be a little more pricey and you may not be able to get the usual frapps, syrups etc, but if you appreciate good coffee, it's well worth it. Plus, you get to support a  small business!

:: Finding my confidence and saying yes to more things has been a huge highlight for me these past few weeks. This isn't something I've ever gone into much depth about on here and I intend to keep it that way, but for a while after leaving high school I struggled with anxiety and as a result became used to saying no to things and passing up opportunities, and although now the anxiety is for the most part gone and all the more manageable, I still tend to fall back on those habits of turning down anything remotely out of my comfort zone. However, I came to the conclusion that that's not the person I want to be, and that I don't want to look back ten years from now and wish I had taken more chances, so now I'm in the process of learning to say 'yes' more often, and so far it has been  so incredibly liberating and confidence-boosting.


:: Since payday was at the start of the week, I popped out on Wednesday for an afternoon of shopping and a solo coffee date. I stocked up on snacks and health foods (hello kale chips!) and picked up a new striped top (because a girl can never have too many, right?), but I think my favourite purchase might just be How To Be Parisian. I first heard of the book on Instagram quite some time ago and have seen it pop up several times since, but after actually getting my hands on a copy in-store and having a flick through, I knew I wanted a copy of my own. The book is written with a real sense of wit, is full of beautiful images, and covers everything from first dates, to 'Parisian snobbism', to spending money, and there are even a few delicious-sounding recipes to boot. It's the sort of book you can keep on a shelf or coffee table and reach for time and time again when you feel the need for an injection of humour, beauty and inspiration, or when you want to feel just that little bit more chic and sophisticated.

:: The cooler temperatures also mean my beloved cinnamon candle has made a return and added a delightful warmth and homeliness to our bedroom. However, I know temperatures will pick up again soon, so if anyone has any recommendations for Spring/Summer candles, please do let me know!

:: The baby succulent I picked up on Friday afternoon to replace my baby cactus which sadly came to an end last week. I've been wanting a succulent for quite some time but never really knew where to look, but after asking a couple of people I had a list of places to try, and now I have my very own succulent!

:: On a chilly Saturday afternoon I popped into M&S in search of chocolate, and ended up leaving with a Golden Amber candle and a bottle of their Neroli Lime & Basil essential oil. The candle has quite a subtle, warm scent while the Neroli Lime essential oil is quite clean and bright and a little bit herbal, and the two actually pair quite well together.


:: I adored the outfit Paulien was wearing in her most recent post. This girl always nails effortless style, and this ensemble was no exception; a black jumpsuit and slouchy nude cardigan paired with simple accessories and a bold pair of shoes for an understated, casual look - perfect!

:: As a big organisation lover, Lauren's post on how to stay organised brought me a lot of joy. In this post, she shares a handful of really useful tips to help you stay organised without overwhelming yourself, so whether you're already an avid planner and list-maker or you struggle to know your plans from one day to the next, this post could be really helpful for you.

:: This week Rebecca shared some of her favourite things to do at the weekend, and her post made my feel really homely and calm; all of the things she mentioned are such simple, beautiful things that you can take your time with and really enjoy, and all in all they make for a perfect weekend.

:: Ever since I discovered Ella's blog I've been a huge fan, and I absolutely love her film photography posts. After a recent trip to California, this week Ella shared the photographs she captured during the trip, and they're all so gorgeous.

I hope you've all had a lovely week (despite the dreary weather) - what have your highlights been?



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