A lazy February morning

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

At long last it's half term here in England, and while that doesn't mean I can completely forget about college and the outside world, it does mean I'm allowed the odd lazy morning. Although I usually prefer being productive and busy, after a long slog of work it can be incredibly satisfying to spend half a day doing only things that nourish your soul, productive or otherwise.

In my case, this means waking up at around 7:30 and hopping out of bed to make a delicious breakfast, and this morning's was particularly good: banana 'ice-cream' (frozen ripe bananas blended with almond milk and cinnamon) topped with peanut butter and chopped dried figs. I've been eating this 'ice cream' most mornings for the past week and I really can't get enough of it - it's filling, creamy and sweet, but you don't feel bloated or full of sugar. Plus, who doesn't love the idea of eating ice-cream for breakfast?
Also, as I use four bananas to make this, it leaves me full of energy and keeps me going for hours.

Once I've devoured my breakfast I usually spend some time browsing social networks (Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin'), drinking my coffee and indulging in my guilty pleasure, morning TV (my 70s are calling already). This morning I caught up on the goings-on in the lives of my favourite bloggers, including the lovely Tonya (you can visit her blog 'The Moptop' here).

What I do after this tends to vary, but today I got up out of bed and did half an hour of yoga. This morning I followed a video by my favourite Youtube yogi, Ali Kamenova. In many of her videos she incorporates more typical exercise moves (crunches, lunges etc.) into the yoga so that you get a really good workout from it. Not necessarily 'lazy' like the rest of my morning, but it left me feeling refreshed and energised. I was fairly sweaty after this session so I jumped in the shower to freshen up and I used some of my favourite Lush products: the Angels on Bare Skin cleaner, Karma Komba shampoo bar and Karma soap.

After all of that I was well and truly ready for lunch, and as it's a fairly grey and drizzly day outside I decided on a spiced butternut and red pepper soup from ASDA and a brown bread roll. Few things are more warming and comforting on a cold day than a bowl of hot soup, so I sat on my bed and *carefully* chowed down on it. I don't usually eat pre-made foods such as this soup but it was in the fridge and it needed to be eaten, plus there were no nasties in it. It was even nicer than I anticipated - sweet and creamy with a lot of warmth from the chili and nutmeg - it's safe to say that my belly is very content right now.

After filling myself with some soup-y goodness, I decided to really kick back and stick on some lovely music and do some reading. Recently I've been reading 'State of Wonder' by Ann Patchett', which tells the story of Marina Singh, a medical student who travels to the Amazon in order to find out more about the mysterious happenings within a particular tribe. I'm about half way through and so far I am really enjoying it. The book is written in a really interesting way where Marina's thoughts and dreams are incorporated into the third person narrative so as a reader we switch between an outside perspective and a much more first-hand, inside perspective.
As for music, I spent some time on 8tracks last night looking for new songs and artists and I came across Vance Joy. The face behind Vance Joy is Melbourne-born singer-songwriter James Keogh. His music is upbeat and summery and puts you in the mood to get in a car on a sunny day and take a trip to the beach. My favourite track at the moment is 'Riptide'.

After a very lovely and relaxing morning, I'm going to spend my evening drinking ample amounts of coffee and watching a film or two.

I hope anyone who's also on half term enjoys their time off and that anyone who isn't has a great week anyway.


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